Light Filtering Solutions

Light Filtering Solutions
Exposure to light at night causes many of the problems shiftworkers face. However, new research out of the University of   Toronto shows that the harmful effects of light are confined to a narrow band of blue wavelengths between 460 and 480nm.

Zircs™ eyewear, a patented technology, prevents these harmful wavelengths from reaching the eye. They provide a revolutionary solution to the problem of light exposure for night shiftworkers. Only Zircs™ can prevent this harmful effect of light using  specially designed eyewear with 19 layers of coating to provide a sharp cutoff at 480nm.

By wearing Zircs™ in workplace trials, shiftworkers have experienced:

  • Up to a 70% increase in energy during their night shift
  • Prevention of normal fall in performance during night work hours
  • Prevention of normal increase in reaction time during night work hours
  • Decrease in errors between 4 and 8am by 78%
  • Up to a 38% improvement in subjective mood scores

Through an exclusive partnership with the manufacturers of Zircs™ eyewear, CIRCADIAN can provide your organization with individually fitted Zircs™, available in prescription or non-prescription (plano) lenses.


Learn More - Light Filtering Solutions Information:

1) Free White Paper:

2) Watch a free webinar:

  • A Safer, More Productive Night Shift - October 4, 2011, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT
    Watch a previously recorded webinar in which Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, M.D., Ph.D, an internationally-recognized expert on shiftwork, explains:

    - How the latest discoveries in lighting science can significantly reduce workplace errors

    - The revolutionary discovery on how to manage the light switch for shift workers at night

    - Examples of how shiftworker performance, energy and morale on the night shift has been significantly improved using this discovery in control room operators and nurses working rotating shifts

3) Review Zircs™ glasses product brochure.

4) Request a quote for the cost of providing Zircs™ to your shiftworkers..

4) Speak with one of our experts about light filtering solutions for your business. 



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