Accident/Incident Analysis with FACTS™


FACTS is a web-based program which estimates the probability of whether a person was or was not impaired by fatigue at the time of an accident or incident.

FACTS (Fatigue Accident/Incident Causation Testing System) captures the expertise of leading experts in fatigue/sleep and circadian physiology and transportation and industry incident investigation to provide you an expert online system.

FACTS helps you answer the following questions: 

  • What is the probability that an individual was fatigued at the time of an incident/accident or operational deviation?
  • What was the source of excess fatigue risk (if any)? 
  • At what level of the Fatigue Risk Management System did the fatigue risk originate? 
  • What percent of my company’s incidents/accidents/operational deviations are caused by a fatigue impaired employee? 
  • What is the cost of employee fatigue impairment at my company?

CIRCADIAN also licenses a secure corporate version of FACTS which enables to you to store and analyse all fatigue reports and analyse the causal factors.

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