Fatigue Risk Assessment

The Fatigue Risk Assessment (FRA) uses the Circadian Alertness Simulator (CAS), an innovative, industry-leading software system to identify and manage fatigue risk. Developed through a decade of research and data collected from over 10,000 recorded 24-hour days from shiftwork and transportation employees, a FRA can rapidly analyze fatigue risk from the duty-rest or payroll data for any number of employees.

This is how CIRCADIAN can help you:

This analysis allows operation managers to develop an effective plan for minimizing fatigue risk. For example, a FRA analysis of one passenger rail operation found significant fatigue levels among certain groups of junior employees. Likewise, a FRA analysis of a commuter rail system identified significant fatigue problems among those working split shifts. As a result of this analysis, both companies were able to target specific measures to reduce fatigue among these populations. A post-program analysis demonstrated the success of these efforts. The FRA can help you:

  • Identify the groups of employees who are most at risk for having fatigue related accidents
  • Develop fatigue management approaches that are customized to address the specific needs of the operation
  • Provide a benchmark of fatigue at your operation compared with others in your industry
  • Measure the impact of work scheduling or rostering interventions in a particular operation
  • Provide an ongoing method for making managers and supervisors accountable for fatigue risk management
  • Provide documentation to safety inspectors and government regulators about the effectiveness of fatigue management initiatives
  • Set industry standards for safety compliance.

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