Shift Schedule Optimization

What's the best shift schedule?

There are hundreds of different shift schedules in use today. But contrary to popular belief there is no one "golden schedule" that surpasses all others.

As it turns out, the best schedule varies from one location to the next. It is the schedule that works best for your specific operation - by balancing operational requirements, safety, and employee preferences.

How do you determine the best shift schedule for your operation?

You can only achieve the best shift schedule through a logical, systematic process that addresses your business needs and  involves management, employees and labor representatives (when applicable) in a positive and participatory selection process.

How CIRCADIAN can help you:

CIRCADIAN has extensive experience in avoiding the pitfalls and achieving win-win shift schedule solutions even in challenging or contentious environments.

Our proven Shift Schedule Optimization Process helps you develop a plan that works for your business and your employees. We provide you with:

  • Creative shift schedule options that address your business needs, worker preferences, health and safety requirements.
  • Neutral party assistance to work through obstacles to shift schedule implementation.
  • Consensus-building for a shift schedule based on management and employee input.
  • Cost neutrality for company and employees.
  • Reduced shift schedule-related fatigue caused by physiologically incompatible work schedules.

CIRCADIAN can help you develop and implement a shift work schedule that leaves your employees with a better work and home life balance, better adaptation to night shift transitions, and reduced fatigue. This in turn, will allow you to:

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