October-November 2012

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Shiftwork and Weight Gain

Research suggests that shiftworkers might be more susceptible to weight gain than their daytime counterparts. In this article, we’ll examine what factors might be responsible for shiftworker weight gain and look at the potential benefits for employer’s in offering programs and services that encourage employees to exercise and eat healthily.

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Pros and Cons of Having Long Breaks in Shift Schedules 

It’s common in many shift schedules, especially ones featuring 12-hour shifts, to build long breaks (4 or more consecutive days off) into the schedule. While some clear social benefits exist for shiftworkers with these schedules, it’s important to evaluate the drawbacks as well.

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Question: Is the law on my side if I discipline an employee caught sleeping on the job?

First off, it's not a good idea to automatically discipline a worker caught sleeping unless evidence exists that the nap was deliberate — such as a worker lying down under his desk with a pillow.  Circadian rhythms, not irresponsibility, are to blame for many involuntary "sleep attacks" on the night shift.

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