Education & Training for 24-Hour Operations

You cannot drive a 24/7 business faster than the skills and knowledge of your management and 24/7 workforce. Education and training are key to seizing the opportunities and minimizing the risk of night shifts, rotating schedules and seamless 24/7 operations.

CIRCADIAN has helped thousands of 24/7 businesses develop the expertise necessary to run efficient, safe and healthy round-the clock operations. We see the best (and worst) practices every day in 24/7 businesses around the world, and we bring that direct experience to educating your management and workforce so they can be the best they can be,

  • On-Site Workshops  - Nothing is more valuable than having the senior management team of your company, or the site management at one of your operations, spending one or two days focusing on how to bring best 24/7 workforce management practices to your company.
  • Management Seminars  - CIRCADIAN’s management seminars provide state of the art advice and create awareness and understanding of the special challenges of shiftwork.
  • Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle  - CIRCADIAN’s popular training program provides critical information to help employees deal with the challenges of working shiftwork, especially the night shift.  Training includes practical advice on fatigue, alertness, sleep, nutrition, health, family/social life and more.
  • Train the Trainer - To provide the greatest long–term benefits, CIRCADIAN will train your in-house trainers so that they can provide the Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle to your 24/7 workforce on an ongoing basis.
  • Training Publications - In order for employees to perform at their best, they must have the right information at their fingertips. CIRCADIAN produces a range of training materials written to help shiftworkers adjust to the demands of working non-traditional hours.
  • Fatigue Training Online™  - The premier online fatigue management training program for the 24/7 workforce. The web-based system offers specialized training programs to educate workers on how to maintain alertness and high performance on-duty and get better sleep off-duty.
  • 2012 CIRCADIAN Seminars - CIRCADIAN® invites you to join us at the most comprehensive and up-to-date seminars available on the subject of shiftwork, scheduling and fatigue risk management. 

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