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Many round-the-clock companies aren’t fully aware of their subsequent losses in performance, profitability and employee relations. Even more troublesome is the reduced performance, poor morale and high absenteeism that results from an antiquated or inappropriate shift schedule. While working with hundreds of round-the-clock companies, we’ve seen that these costs are not necessary, and they no longer have to be accepted as a cost of doing business.

This is how CIRCADIAN can help you:

CIRCADIAN has helped thousands of 24/7 businesses develop the expertise necessary to run efficient, safe and healthy round-the clock operations.

CIRCADIAN has developed a number of effective on-site seminars that create awareness and understanding of the special challenges of shiftwork. Based on scientific studies and real-world 24/7 experiences, these seminars are a real eye-opener as to why human error has become today’s most pressing issue for managers in 24/7 operations.

Some of the topics that can be included in the seminar are:

  • Successfully Expanding from 5-7 Day Operations
  • Determining the Optimal Shift Schedule Structure for your Operation
  • Maximizing Operating Efficiency through Shift Schedule Optimization
  • Reducing the Risks, Costs, and Liabilities of Fatigue and Human Error in Shiftwork Operations
  • Managing Shiftworker Health and Safety
  • Maximizing Human Asset Utilization in 24/7 Businesses
  • The Biological Basis of the Shiftwork Problem
  • Incorporating Best Shiftwork Practices into New Plant Design

All seminars are customized to the specific need of the operation and can be developed to cover a short 2-4 hour introduction to a specific topic or a full 2 day seminar to more fully explore specific site issues and develop a plan of action. The seminars have proven invaluable to everyone from corporate managers to front-line supervisors.

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